Hello, I’m Ceri (pronounced like Kerry). I’m in my mid-thirties and I live halfway up the West Pennine Moors, on the edge of a small Lancashire town, with my wonderful husband. I have a fascination with alpacas and I can never walk past a sheep without stopping to say hello. As I live in hill sheep country, my walks tend to involve as much sheep greeting as actual hiking. I love crocheting, hand spinning, huge mugs of tea and being thrifty. I hoard beads and buttons like a dragon hoards gold. I have Asperger’s Syndrome and find repetitive actions very calming, so I am a natural crocheter.

My mother taught me to crochet when I was eighteen, back in the year 2000, after an unsuccessful attempt to teach me to knit. At the time, I was in crisis and struggling to see any kind of future for myself. Most of my friends were away at university and moving on with their lives, while I was failing to cope with the most basic aspects of life. I was beginning to realise that the mental health issues I’d been dealing with since childhood were not going to magically disappear just because I was now technically an adult. Mum, being the crafty, practical woman she is, decided that the best way to distract me from miserable introspection was by giving me a hook and a heap of yarn oddments and showing me how to crochet granny squares, and so an obsession was born.

Over the years my friends and family have received a huge number of crocheted animals and monsters as gifts, along with countless hats. I even crocheted the bouquets and buttonholes for my wedding. Now I’ve started writing down the patterns for my designs, and I plan to start publishing them so that other people can enjoy them too.

My woolly wedding.
My woolly wedding.
And after we got married, we went to play on the swings.

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